Vice-President Ms. HU Wenli attended the BRICS Civil Society Organizations Forum

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      On May 20, Ms. HU Wenli, Vice-President and Director-General of the United Nations Association of China, attended the 2022 BRICS Civil Society Organizations Forum and addressed the session “Practicing Multilateralism and Participating in Global Governance” .

      Ms. HU Wenli said in her speech that now more than ever, the international community needs to seek common ground while shelving differences, expand consensus, coordinate actions, practice true multilateralism, and jointly solve global governance problems. The essence of multilateralism is that the future of the world should be in the hands of all countries, and international affairs should be handled through extensive consultation. Only by continuously increasing the representation and voices of developing countries and truly reflecting the demands and aspirations of developing countries can the global governance system move towards a more just and legitimate direction. BRICS countries are important actors in international relations and proactive builders of the international system. Their common goal is to build a fair, just, inclusive, equal and representative international system. From the standpoints of developing countries, China upholds the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, responds to the common aspirations of the international community for peace, cooperation and development, and proposes the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, contributing China’s wisdom and solutions to global governance. BRICS civil society organizations are important stakeholders in deepening BRICS pragmatic cooperation. They should continue to maintain communication and dialogue with their governments, and put forward practical policy suggestions on how developing countries can better promote multilateral cooperation and participate in global governance. They should strengthen exchanges under the BRICS cooperation framework, encourage the public, especially the younger generation, to increase their understanding of true multilateralism, multilateral issues and global governance agendas, and contribute to the establishment of a just and legitimate international order and international governance system.

      The forum was hosted by the China NGO Network for International Exchanges. More than 300 representatives from civil society organizations of China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa joined the event.
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